glGetString doesn't work for some reason


i’m trying to get the vendor, version, and renderer strings from opengl and dump them to my log file…

the log string writing function has similar syntax to printf()…

logfile.writeString(char* s,…);

i’ve tested the function and know that it works properly but here’s my problem…

i’m using the following code::

logfile.writeString(“Vendor - %s”,glGetString(GL_VENDOR));

…same thing for the other strings i’m trying to get…

when i run the program, a messagebox pops up and says ‘Beta DirectDraw Expired, Please Update’, i don’t know why this is happening, i just changed my drivers to nvidia’s official 12.41 detonators, and directx 8.0a (for win2k)

i had been using the 14.60 drivers and directx 8.1, but the same thing happened… i’m at a loss here… any help?


(one more thing… i get a null string in place of the %s in my log file after the program ends)


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nevermind… just a stupid mistake on my part, my rendering context wasn’t current