glGetError() insertions


I have a strange problem. I have been using the OpenGL | ES 2.0 emulator form Imagination. I’m trying to debug and “profile” with glslDevil to see where the most of the energy goes and witch calls are the most frequent.
What happends is that the glGetError() is called after allmost every call to a OpenGL function. That is a bit strange because I don’t call it anywhere.

My question is now if the emulator wrapper to the desktop api puts in those calls. Is there a debug mode in the library? How is it then disabled?

This is what the statistics looks like:

Anyone have a clue?

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Which version of the PowerVR SDK are you using? Yes, the wrapper adds glGetError calls in debug mode, however this should be disabled in the latest release.

By the way, your own calls to glGetError will not show in your trace since the wrapper has to keep track of the OpenGL ES error state internally.

I tried to upgrade to the latest version of the Imagination OpenGL | ES 2.0 SDK but the problems are still there.

I installed OGLES2_WINDOWS_PCEMULATION_2.01.21.0983.msi

The following preprocessor definitions are used:


The calls the glGetError() is still there.

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