glGenBuffers’ was not declared in this scope

Errormsg: ‘glGenBuffers’ was not declared in this scope

I’m using the latest openGL
3.2 Nvidia driver 32bit on openSuse 11.2
glext is included. I checked within glext.h and found it.
What else could I try?

michael@23-194-pool:~> glewinfo | grep glGenBuffer
glGenBuffers: OK
glGenBuffersARB: OK

Try adding the GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES before your include

#include <glext.h>

or if using gcc compiler just add -DGL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES to your compile command

I see you are using glewinfo – excellent. Why not use it also within your code since it is more general approach that helps with openGL extensions see GLEW and it’s Basic Usage. Note with GLEW you don’t need to worry about adding GL_EXT_PROTOTYPES define macro. It takes care of that and lots of other things for you.