glfw + multiple keys?

i’m searching for good framework. glfw looks very good, but can handle multiple keys at the time? it seems that doesnt.
SDL can do this, but is so big for using only to open GL-window + key and mouse handling. is there any good (free) framework?


Yes, GLFW can. Keyboard input is one of its strengths. You have three different keyboard interfaces to chose from:

  1. Key callbacks (not affected by modifiers, and gives access to special keys such as the arrow keys)
  2. Char callbacks (Unicode, printable characters, affected by modifiers)
  3. Key polling (manually check the state of individual keys with glfwGetKey)

The third option directly gives you access to all the keys of the keyboard (this functionality has to be implemented with look-up arrays and four callback function under GLUT, with GLFW it’s just one simple function).

Read the GLFW Users Guide for more information (especially the chapter “Input Handling”).