GLFW access violation (reading from address 0)

Hello there,

i am using GLFW3 for window, input, … and glew for OpenGL. It happened now a few times, that GLFW3 just breaks my program. The error message is “Access violation reading location 0x00000000.”. Well, in all of those cases i did something stupid with opengl, so it was my bug. But, what i don’t understand is: Why does GLFW crash in the function glfwPollEvents();? I already tried to get an usable OpenGL-Error to find my problem, but there is none. glGetError just returns nothing (GL_NO_ERROR). It is really hard to debug, if everything you know is, that it crashes. Is anyone here using GLFW and can tell me, how to set it up that it doesn’t crash with a access violation and instead gives me a appropriate error-message?