glext.h include problems with MSVC++

Hello! I have problems including glext.h with MSVC++ 6.0. I get those compilation errors:

vc98\include\winbase.h(1116) : error C2556: ‘unsigned long __stdcall GetVersion(void)’ : overloaded function differs only by return type from ‘char *__cdecl GetVersion(void)’

vc98\include\winbase.h(1116) : error C2373: ‘GetVersion’ : redefinition; different type modifiers
I use the latest version of glext.h I got from SGI. I use GLUT too. I have that problem with a file as simple as that:


#include <glut.h>
#include <gl/glext.h>

Basically, it seems to be a conflict between glext.h and winbase.h. I have an old version of MSVC++ (one of the first version I think, 1998) so maybe my winbase.h file is kinda outdated.

Anyone can help?

Try including windows.h before any gl or glut headers.

I tryed but I still have that error. What is wierd is that I also have the same error if I include windows.h but not glext.h. So having glext.h only, windows.h only or both will give me the same error in winbase.h. Sounds kinda wierd, I could just edit that file to try to solve the problem, but I don’t want to mess up my librairies.