Glew not installed correctly

Dear forum,

In order to use GLSL, I need glew, but glew is not working correctly. I’ve installed all packages (libglew1.5-dev etc.etc.), linked glew at compilation (-lGLEW), included glew before gl.h etc.etc., but when I do glewInit(), the function does not return GLEW_OK and the first function in my program that uses glew is glCompileShader and that turns into a segmentation fault.

Do you know what is going wrong?


if the program compile and the linker is not complaining then you have installed glew correcly (or maybe you only have an old version).

Did you call glewInit after you have a valid context?

I knew it would be something silly. I called glewInit after glutInit, but before the other glut-commands, so that was the problem.

Thanks for your help!

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