GLee glPointParameterf not definded

I downloaded GLee.h/c and included them in my c++ project. As it should be, I included the header before any other opengl headers.

At project initialization time I call GLeeInit(); so far, so good. but when I try calling


I get an error: "undefined reference to ‘GLeeFuncPtr_glPointParameterf’ "

I’m guessing these sort of errors have something to do with linking and stuff but since I’m using the GLee.c file, I have no idea what to do.

I’m using Codeblocks for windows [GNU GCC compiler]

GLee is defunct. There are alternatives to GLee that you should consider. Your problem may not be due to GLee’s no longer being updated, but it certainly isn’t helping.

you’re probabely right.
is glew updated often ?
does glew define function pointers ?