I seem to have a problem conserning the glDrawElements function, but only when it’s running on a nvidia chip, ie GeForce(256)(2), TNT2,etc…
The program runs on all other types of chips
3dfx,G400,etc… but for some reason it causes a page fault on nvidia chips.
Can anyone help me? or experienced this problem themselves?

Got bad (=old) drivers? Try downloading the lates reference drivers for your card at nVidia .

Or is it just YOUR code that fails to call glDrawElements properly? Does it work in other applications?

I dont really think its a driver problem.
But could be.

I would think that you have given the
function some parameters that goes ready
beyond what you want and gives it poor data.

Double check the pointer you send in, the size of data and the data type used ( important ). I once gave it int instead of byte and it gave me a page fault.

Good luck,

Marcus “Cruxis” Lenngren - Nopp.

Well I had a problem with drawelements crashing but only on geforces not on the tnt. The geforce requires 4 byte allignment of the vertex data so I got a crash using

and with

Hi guys,
Thanks for the thoughts but I solved the problem today.
It seems that I had enabled the second texture units texcoord array but had not specified the texture coords when I was only drawing with the first texture unit enabled. I don’t know why it worked on non nvidia cards, but I guess it doesn’t matter because it works great now.
Thanks anyways guys.