glCopyNamedBufferSubData on persistent mapped buffer causes GL_INVALID_VALUE on Windows

I’m banging my head against a wall on this one and I find no solution. Maybe somebody has seen something similar and has an idea what’s going on?

To read back GPU to CPU I support two code path. One uses traditional way of copy shader written to SSBO to a CPU near SSBO using glCopyBufferSubData, then later on map/read/unmap to work with it. The second (faster) code path uses persistent mapped SSBO and does an glCopyNamedBufferSubData with glMemoryBarrier/glFenceSync to read.

So far so good. On Linux both code path work on both AMD/nVidia systems.

On Windows though things go south. The older way of using a copy without persistent buffer works. The 4.5 way though using glCopyNamedBufferSubData fails. The code line in question looks like this:

glCopyNamedBufferSubData(pSSBO, pSSBOLocal, 0, 0, size);

pSSBO is the GPU near buffer which is a regular non-persistent mapped buffer and pSSBOLocal is the CPU near buffer which is persistent mapped like this:

glNamedBufferStorage(pSSBOLocal, size, nullptr, GL_MAP_READ_BIT | GL_MAP_PERSISTENT_BIT | GL_CLIENT_STORAGE_BIT));
persistentMapped = (char*)glMapNamedBufferRange(pSSBOLocal, 0, size, GL_MAP_READ_BIT | GL_MAP_PERSISTENT_BIT));

I check using GL_BUFFER_SIZE that both buffers (at the time of the error) are of size size (in this example size=16) and checked against the specification of glCopyNamedBufferSubData for error condition:

  • GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if any of readOffset, writeOffset or size is negative, if readOffset+size is greater than the size of the source buffer object (its value of GL_BUFFER_SIZE), or if writeOffset+size is greater than the size of the destination buffer object.
    • readOffset=0, writeOffset=0, size=16, bufferSize1=16, bufferSize2=16
    • readOffset >= 0: PASS
    • writeOffset >= 0: PASS
    • size >= 0: PASS
    • readOffset + size <= bufferSize1: PASS
    • writeOffset + size <= bufferSIze2: PASS
  • GL_INVALID_VALUE is generated if the source and destination are the same buffer object, and the ranges readOffset,readOffset+size and writeOffset,writeOffset+size overlap.
    • pSSBO != pSSBOLocal: PASS

Hence everything is fine, no errors. Since this error happens only if a “persistently mapped SSBO” is involved I suspect a problem with this under Windows. But that would be a GL_INVALID_OPERATION in my opinion.

I’m out of ideas where to look for the problem. It happens “only” on Windows. Linux is fine.

On Linux both code path work on both AMD/nVidia systems.
It happens “only” on Windows

on Windows - do both NVidia and AMD fail?

So far I can confirm it on nVidia only.

I’m asking, because AMD has released a completely new OpenGL driver on Windows in June 2022 and since then people are reporting number of bugs on different forums (like Reddit, etc.).

Usually with AMD I have much less problems with broken drivers than nVidia.

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