glConvolution nightmare

Dear friends,

I am having a very bad time in dealing with glConvolutionFilter2D on Ubuntu 12.04 lts (vmWare player). I have tried to make it working with both the apt-get mesa driver and the last available version. It continues to provide the pretty error INVALID_ENUM… I have also tempted to use the old GL_EXT_convolution. Unluckily I need that function since it is part of a big project.
I got the same INVALID_ENUM also using OSMesa… any idea? what else can I try? help me, guys!!

What graphics card have you? This is a more important factor than the OS.

Sorry for the missing information… NVDIA quadro 600
I have also forgot to say that the same program works fine on the same computer (without vmWare player) that runs Win7 Pro 64 bit

Digging on the web I found this thread:
I am wondering if they remove the support for convolution in the Mesa drivers from a given release… since in the past I run the code without troubles on vmWare with Ubuntu!