Hi i’m trying to use glCompressedTexImage3DARB but I didn’t succeed… (I get strange texture scaling of the first depth… but that’s all) and glgeterror doesn’t give anything.

Can someone confirm that he manage to make it work ?
(nvidia geforce fx go 5600)

It worked.
(a mipmap problem of depth / 2 ONLY until depth = 1)

But now, I’m having trouble accessing within a fragment program.

I’ll investigate it.

Here we are in 2006.
Are you still using this call, or has glCompressedTexImage3DARB() been folded into the standard now (and hence is glCompressedTexImage3D() ) ?

I have uses for compressed 3d textures, but I’m really just starting out in OpenGL and finding info on what cards support what, and what is definitely supported in hardware or not, is quite hard.