glCompressedTexImage2D for non compressed image 2d

I like the glCompressedTexImage2D function so for non reason I tryed to load a non compressed image 2D usually loaded with glTexImage2D with it…

Unfortunalety, I get an OpenGL error and image remainds black… I checked in the OpenGL specification and it’s actually written that glCompressedTexImage2D take the same formats that glTexImage2D… so I guest It’s possible in theory but I might have made a mistake.

Is someone tryed this too? I don’t use the swizzling and format cast capability of glTexImageD so I guest using glCompressedTexImageD would simply a bit the thing around.


You understood something wrong. You can’t load an uncompressed image with this function. See:

Right… my mistake sorry…
Thank anyway!

I never visit those man pages before… this is great! Thank again!