glBitmap and scan-line order

Yes, another newbie on glBitmap()

I’ve googled a little and looked at older posts in this forum, but no one seems to wonder, like I do, whether or not there’s a way to get glBitmap to accept bitmaps with “reversed” scan-line order, or at least draw them from top-to-bottom? (as in: My bitmaps are drawn upside-down)

It’s said that glPixelStore influence glBitmap(), but I can’t see anything relevant there.

I have a lot of font files where the data is in this (for 2d rendering) normal order, and I’d like not to have to massage the data on load.

Why no one wonders ?

  • because textured quads are more powerful/faster
  • because you only need to reverse lines order on file load, that is only once, and that is not gl dependant.

>Why no one wonders ?

No, that wasn’t the question at all.

A simple “Not possible.” would have sufficed.

Well actually I am not sure it is “not possible” (too much red wine :stuck_out_tongue: ) so I kept the safe side :slight_smile:

I hope I helped you anyway.