As much as everyone is hailing the GL2 shading language, I’d really like to see an implementation of the rest of GL2 - the non-shader related parts.

As far as I can see, it wouldnt take much to develop - most of whats needed already exists in driver specific extensions.

NVidia seems rather intent on having people use Cg. I’m somewhat surprised they havent released a GL2 implementation w/ Cg as the HLSL, substituted for glSlang until it’s ready. They certainly would be able to gain more of a foothold taking that approach, and developers would get the benefit of GL2-access now.

Of course, it would be even better if it wasn’t exposed via the GL-extension mechanism…

I guess its a pipedream, but its a nice one.

If I recall correctly, OpenGL 2.0 doesn’t have a finalized specification. So asking for an implementation is a bit premateur.

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Implementations do exist - they’re just limited to 3DLabs cards for now. Carmack has a working GL2 backend for Doom3 (read his news-posts). If its far enough along for that level of implementation, then its not premature.

I didn’t know GL 2 is out?

The specification has not been finalized. There are pre-final implementations, but they may not necessarily reflect the final version.

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