GL2 glCopyImage2D

Something spooked me in the GL2 definition of glCopyImageND in the Memory Management paper : “The error GL_INVALID_OPERATION is generated if srcObj and dstObj are not of the same dimension”. This could mean two things

  1. that srcObj and dstObj are not the same “D”, example 1D and 2D. I’m not sure how this makes sense, if they’re the same dimension but they’re 1D, glCopyImage2D is not going to work anyway.
  2. It could also mean “not of the same dimensionS”, ie srcObj is 256 pixels wide and dstObj is 512. That would be meaningful, but it would be rather wierd in case you’re trying to blit an image object to a buffer object (sprites).

Am I reading this whole thing wrong ? What’s going on ? :\

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3.4 Copying Between Objects
It is possible to copy data between two image objects, between two buffer objects, or
between an image object and a buffer object. It is only allowed to copy data between
objects of the same dimensionality.

I think that’s what they meant with that. No worries

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