I tried making a spinning cube with GL_TEXTURE_3D and the result looks quite good like it may actually have some use, however, even with the texture size at 16x16x16, I am getting ~0.5 fps.
I am just using the normal glvertex3f to draw a cube, then with glTexCoord3f for the texture coords, what do you think is the reason its going so slow? Are 3d textures just not supported by hardware or is it something wrong in the way I did it?

geforce 4 mx 440
512 ram
athalon XP 1800+

It’s not supported by your card. The GF4MX is pretty much a fast GF2. GF3 and up should support 3D textures though.

Oh damn, I guess you get what you pay for eh? hehe… :eek: