Hi I’m writing a cross platform open GL application, doing my development on linux, and porting to windows (using glut for windowing)

The only openGL problem I’ve had so far with the porting is with the call:

which gets me:
G:\Programming\mesaFace\main.cpp(51) : error C2065: ‘GL_RESCALE_NORMAL’ : undeclared identifier

anybody know what’s up with that? My theory is that this is part of the openGL 1.2 spec. and I perhaps only have 1.1 on my windows installation. I’ve looked for a download to fix it but no luck.

So if someone can help me out, please do.

Additionally, I’m about to start implementing a gui, and I was thinking of using MUI (remember cross platform is key here). I have also considered gtk. Anyone care to share an opinion/experience?

what about glEnable( GL_NORMALIZE )

You’re right, rescale normal is 1.2 and the microsoft implementation is only 1.1 The extension is probably supported though, although I’m not sure if it’s declared in the microsoft header. Of the cross platform GUI-toolkits I’ve seen, I’d go for wxWindows, full featured and fairly complete. I’ve never used it for anything large scale, but it’s supposed to be good.

GL_RESCALE_NORMAL is also defined in glext.h, which you can get from nVidia’s developer site. It would probably be a good idea to use glGetString(GL_VERSION) to make sure that the underlying implementation of OpenGL is 1.2 before actually using it. If you are using nVidia cards with the Detonator drivers, then you should have access to 1.2 stuff. (Function pointers for 1.2 functions you use will have to be grabbed with wglGetProc, but they ARE usable.)