GL_POLYGON_MODE missing from glcorearb.h?

Hi All.

I’m using the latest glcorearb.h and I’ve noticed that GL_POLYGON_MODE is missing.
It is the only way ( that I know of ) to query the polygon-fill state as set by glPolygonMode()

GL_POLYGON_MODE is clearly stated in the OpenGL4.3 spec. ( page 515 )

glPolygonMode() is described in the OpenGL4.3 spec. ( section 14.6.4 page 407 )

current glcorearb.h can be found here

Anybody know why GL_POLYGON_MODE is missing from the glcorearb.h header?
A mistake? Or is there another way I should go about querying the the polygon-fill state?


I know why it’s missing from the header. Because the enumext.spec files have it listed under “VERSION_1_1_DEPRECATED”, which means that it is removed from core OpenGL.

In short: a spec bug. File it; they might get around to fixing it some day.

[edit] Or… they could fix it right now. Download it again and see what happens.

Its back in there! :slight_smile:
That’s awesome.