GL Performance

I have got an GeForce3.
I was experimenting with new Detonator 43.03 drivers. As I set performance mode to agressive, turned anti-aiasing and anisotropic filtering off, a shadow map demo from did 37 fps(as it did with all other drivers).
But than I set quinquix antialiasing, application performance mode and 4x anisotropy and run the demo once more. I was expecting performance drop. But I’ve got a much better picture that performed at 43 fps!!!
What’t the???

Man, 3d cards are weird. Well I’d guess Tom isn’t using mipmaps in his demo the only textures there are the shadowmaps, right? So the anisotropic settings don’t matter here. Don’t know about the antialiasing, but I’ve understood that quinquix is very fast. But that fast?!


I guess the driver is beta -