I’ve check the GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS for an app running on mac. The GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS value is 16 on multiple computer.
The OpenGL version is 4.1.
Do you have any idea about this driver limitation ?
There is an other way to have 32 (or more) sampler into a shader on mac ?


What makes you think that this is a “driver limitation”, rather than a “hardware limitation”?

It isn’t an hardware limitation because I have a GT 750M.

If it’s a driver limitation then you’ll need to see if an updated driver is available that lifts this limitation. If an updated driver isn’t available then you’ll need to wait until one does become available.

Otherwise use a texture array to have multiple images contained in a single texture object.

I hope mac will make a better job with Vulkan…

Thx for you’re anwser!

If by that you mean that Vulkan will never, ever be available on a Mac, then yes.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t hold my breath.