Does arbvp1 and vp40 have different number of “GL_MAX_PROGRAM_PARAMETERS_ARB”?

As I know,we could use the function:glGetProgramivARB(GLenum target,GLenum pname,GLint *params) to get the number of GL_MAX_PROGRAM_PARAMETERS_ARB,since there is no param for the profiler(like vp20,vp40, etc.),does that mean the number depends on the card not the profiler?

The answer to your question is “yes”.

This “profile” thing is specific to CG.
A profile is a way to group parameters matching a class of graphic cards.

Thank you!

Where can I find the specification about the arbvp1,vp20,vp30,vp40?

What about the CG documentation ?

Thank you.

Cg-1.4.1_UsersManual.pdf and Cg_Specification.pdf do have the information:)