GL Man pages and #include files


I’m trying to write some VBO code but have run into a couple of problems!

My machine doesn’t like GL_ARRAY_BUFFER_ARB, claims it to be undeclared.
Where abouts is this declared? I assumeed glext.h, but it doesn’t appear to be in any of the GL include files.

I’m running a Suse9.0 with the latest NVidia drivers 61.06 on a GeForce4 440 Go, and glxinfo reports my OpenGL version is 1.5.1 and vertex_buffer_object is a valid extention.
I assume the NVidia drivers should declare this stuff although it looks like it doesn’t do it in the standard places.

Also I’m looking to get a set of OGL1.5 man pages on my system, couldn’t find them on the OpenGL website…

any pointers would be great


probably your glext.h is outdated, and no the driver wont do this for you.

easy use of extensions can be made possible with a number of libraries out there, here is one of them

the ogl spec is on the main ogl page just under “Documentation -> Download Ogl 1.5 spec”