Gl.h for opengl version 1.2

Where can I get a header file for opengl 1.2?
I have one with
#define GL_VERSION_1_1 1

is this is a latest I can get?

If you’re using windows, this is the correct file. MS only has libs for 1.1, which does not mean you can’t use 1.2 features (actually you can even use opengl 1.3 features if the driver supports 1.3 (like NVIDIA).

Get the glext.h from SGI(goto NVIDIA website, there’s a link to a file) and load the 1.2 features the same way you load extensions.


If you’re usign linux with NVIDIA drivers, the oepngl 1.2 header together with NVIDIA extensions is included in the package.


Thank u very much!