GL Fonts

look i am trying to create a 3D font to use in my renderer/modeller, but i do not need to create EVERY character…i only need to create the characters in the text the user inputs…so is there a way to create each character and push it on a list or something and then pop the whole list or something? i am trying to write this not use someone elses, but i am not getting very far…right now i am creating the whole 256 chars using wglUseFontOutlines and it works, but it takes a LONG time…i only need like five or something at a time…and i want to do this on the fly so they can change fonts and text easily…help…


On my site, you’ve find a little example for writing text on a OpenGL window

I think you need not build display list for the entire character set, however, you can build the display list for the for the characters only if you need them and store the display list in a hash table.

Any way, it is still not a good solution and i’m also seeking for a better one