GL_EXT_texture3D problems on GF3


I tried to watch a few OpenGL demos, that make use of the GL_EXT_texture3D extension, but REALLY NONE worked.

I tried ATIs:

I tried NVIDIAs (stand alone and the one in the new BETA effects browser 3.0):
3D Procedural Texturing

I tried Humus demo:

In the ATI + NVIDIA demos I see nothing, only a black or grey screen and Humus demo is totally screwed up.

I have got a GeForce 3 and currently the 27.42 drivers installed.

Has anyone from NVIDIA an idea for me or has anyone other demos, that use this extension?


Have you tried the demos with official drivers?


I´m not sure about that, but I will try the 23.11 ones.
That should be the latest official drivers, or?
By the way, they caused the infinite loop bug on my Win2K system, that was the reason for not using them .


Yup, 23.11 are the latest. They do have this infinite loop problem on many systems, unfortunately


Actually, 27.42 are out (leaked), get them at

(they seem more stable than 23.11, so thank the man upstairs for the leaks! )

Elixier: I bet you only read the last message in the thread