I can’t find info on this extension on sgi’s site. It seems to be exactly NV’s extension, but with _NV replaced by _EXT.

On windows EXT is supported by ATI while nvidia and Mesa support NV. On Apple I assume nvidia supports the EXT version.

Why isn’t it listed on SGI’s site? Why doesn’t nvidia support it if it is the same as their NV extension?

I’m not entirely clear if this extension is accepted by all the vendors. It is described at Apple’s site and I think they are the one who worked on it.

Some of us are waiting for a EXT or ARB version or better yet, put it ion the core already (damn it!)

I heard the EXT version is different and comes from a HP based extensions.
Differences are the texture coordinates management ([0, 1] as always) and allowing all the texture wrapping modes.
I read that on a ARB meeting note but I am not sure.

This is not true. EXT_texture_rectangle has the same features/limitations as NV_texture_rectangle, i.e. texture coordinates are also in [0…w], [0…h]. Even the token definitions are the same.

The preliminary spec is available from Apple’s developer site here:
At the bottom of the spec it says: “This extension is semantically equivalent to NV_texture_rectangle.”

Whoops, I really goofed up. Sorry.
This is what happens lisening to rumors.