gl_arb_texture_mirrored_repeat and more...


I’ve got a problem with gl_arb_texture_mirrored_repeat. My friend has
got Riva TNT2 card and he told me that he doesn’t have that extension.
Instead he’s using gl_IBM_texture_mirrored_repeat. OK. Meanwhile I
checked the hardware database at and found out that there
are 3 RivaTNT2 configs that support it. The same problem is with
Radeon8500 somoe of them support it and others don’t. My question is:
on what depends that extension (driver, manufacturer, system).

The second question is about gl_ext_texgen_reflection. Is it just
another name for gl_nv_texgen_reflection?

IBM_text… is the same ARB_…, if you download lastest glext.h, you’ll see that they both have same entry points. So if you are querrying for ARB_… support then you could get answer ext unsupported, but you can cure that by installing newer drivers. So just add line (if you exp any problems with my prog -> get the lastest drivers from your vendors page )


Thanks. I should checked that entry points earlier .