GL and Borland C++ 6.0 Personal???

Does anybody know if there are compatability issues between OpenGL and Borland C++ 6.0 Personal edition? I’m having more problems than it seems I should be – especially since I’m not a newbie to programming in general.

I finally devised a BMP loader after much frustration (see my previous post). Great. But now using glGenTextures and glBindTexture refuses to store more than one texture in memory – even with incredibly small BMP test textures like 2pix by 2pix.

I wrote another test program to simply draw a rectangle and load a texture, and using glBuild2DMipmaps generates an “out of memory” error. How can I be out of memory when all the program does is draw a rectangle with a texture?

I compiled various multi-texture sample programs from “OpenGL Super Bible” – all of which the pre-made executables run fine. But when I build them in my compiler, I run into the same problem where the program will not keep textures in memory.

Not to mention I regularly get “divide by zero” errors (only when using OpenGL) when I know I’m not drawing outside of the viewing frustum, nor performing any divisions in my own code.

The books I have make OpenGL seem so simple, yet it seems I have problems coming out of my ears. I’m really beginning to think the cheap-end Borland compiler has some instruction compatability issues, and I would appreciate any insight someone can give on this. What compilers would you recommend?

Hi !

It does not matter if you use VC++ or Borland C++ or whatever, the only thing you get from the compiler is your code with some function calls to the OpenGL dll and this is the same from both compilers, so the problem is somewhere else, but I am not sure about what it could be though.

Note: There is of course the possibility that your compiler messes up something with your own code.


Yes, I’m wondering if the Borland compiler doesn’t always put everything together correctly. I mean, I’m constantly generating what seem like unrelated errors. For example, I change a drawing routine in one class file to draw a triangle instead of a rectangle, and all of a sudden I get “invalid pointer” errors reported in a different class that has nothing do to with the drawing routines, and where there wasn’t an error before. I am simplifying a little bit, b/c I obviously can’t post 20,000 lines of code. But this is the general idea.

I really feel half way like an idiot trying to blame a compiler for my problems. But the fact is that ever since I’ve been using this compiler, I’ve had nothing but trouble. It sometimes seems I can’t even use standard C++ functions, like “fread” or something. It causes access violations. It’s like Borland is forcing me to use their own TFileStream class - because then no violations occur. And my problems and errors have about tripled since I put my first polygon on the screen.

I’m probably going to buy Microsoft VC++. I can’t be any worse off than I am. At least then I’ll know if it’s all in my head or if I have a legitimate complaint here.

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