GL 3.x status on ATI?

A quick question whose answer I suspect will be more compilcated: What is the status on GL 3.x on consumer (i.e. not FireGL) ATI/AMD video hardware? In lines of that question what is the status for ATI/AMD consumer hardware on:

  1. Uniform Buffer objects?
  2. Texture buffer objects?
  3. Texture integer support?
  4. Framebuffer objects: mixing formats?

if GL 3.x is not ready on consumer ATI/AMD cards, then what is the status of GL_ARB_framebuffer_object with respect to (4)?

3.0 context is supported with latest drivers. Although forward compatible context has many bugs (you can read it some previous posts of this forum).

  1. available, but I had no luck to get it working (either crashes or invalid values)
  2. available
  3. supported (required by 3.0 spec)
  4. supported, also different dimensions are supported - (this is required by 3.0 spec)

well OpenGL 3.0 is supported on ATI but i have a little luck with it - it freezes the app or crashes the driver so frequently if some ‘advanced’ work is done. It is a mirracle to have app running for more than a few minutes without crash. (And that same app works perfectly on nvidia).
I hope they fix this ASAP. :wink: