Gf2mx & other libs

  1. Do i need any additional libs exept from nvidia driver to run 3d games on linux?
    may be Mesa or glut?
  2. i’v installed drivers from nvidia. glxgears works fine %) but i cann’t compile any GL program… looks like wrong headers (i’v installed gl.h and others from nv driver to /usr/include/GL/ )

Just grab Mesa 3.5 from… they have glut src included.

use something like the following to get opengl programs working

g++ program.cpp -o ./myProgram -lglut -lGL -lGLU -O

if that doesn’t work (still can’t find the libs!)

make sure you have ld.conf set up correctly, and then run ldconfig if you’ve made some changes. =D

Best of Luck

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