Getting started


I am studing computer science since 2 years. Atm I’m learning c++. (experience in unity , udk and ce3)

Next year we will learn openGL so I thought it would be nice to start with openGL now.

But unfortunately i dont know how. All books have a really bad rating and most of them have not a single review. I just dont know what I should read/learn.
I want to avoid outdated stuff as much as possible. I am also new to 3d programming.

The superbible / redbook have really bad reviews.

I also found some online tutorials like . Didn’t try it yet because it’s relative short. (the only 4.2 resource that I have found)


What should I read now ? What would you recommend me ?

The last link is the tutorial is by this forum’s Alfonse Reinheart (yeah, not his real name). IMHO you can’t start much more intuitively than that and it’s a good introduction to modern OpenGL. Although it “only” covers GL 3.3, you can turn it up a notch afterwards and move to GL4+.

The OpenGL specification:

OpenGL 4.2 Core Profile Specification

And some online core OpenGL tutorials (you should be able to find some).