Getting started.

First off, I’d like to get this out of the way, I’m pretty much noob to the extreme, so don’t yell at me. :smiley:

I really just need to know where to start, and I’m sure I can go from there. I’ve looked up countless tutorials, and all of them assume I have a bit of base knowledge, which, unfortunately for me, is wrong. I know basic coding conventions, and data structures and such, because I’ve learned a bit of Java. Despite this, I can’t seem to get a C++ compiler to work with simple GL tutorials, such as creating a window.

If anyone know’s what I should use, could you please give me a bit of insight? Like what compiler to use, and how to set it up. After that, I’m sure I can learn enough to ask a few legitimate questions hehe.

Thanks in advance for any help given, and your patience :smiley:

I suppose you are using Windows ?
Normally when using DevC++ and after downloading the community devpacks having GL in their names from the IDE, you can directly start with a template (freeglut, sdl/GL, glfw,…), then compile&execute, and you get a triangle on screen.
From there, you can easily tweak and break and rebuild GL stuff.

If you are more confident in Java, you can also go use Jogl, with Eclipse :