Getting Started with fragment programs.

I would like to learn about fragment programs. I know the theary behind them, but there are basically no concrete examples on the internet on how to get a simple program up and running, and trying to learn this from the spec for ARB_fragment_program is VERY frustrating… Does anyone know of any good examples? Or am i simply going to have to plow on with the official spec?

There isn’t much material on GL_ARB_Fragment_Program floating around the net.That may be because of glSlang coming soon (hopefully),but ATI have this PDF on this extension that maybe helpfull.
And also take a look at any material that deals with GL_ARB_Vertex_Program,as the syntax of vertex- and fragmentprograms are very similar.

Check the spec. It has some samples
hidden, just above the revision history.

Check out Humus’ demos. Probably the best place to go.
The OpenGL Extensions Guide is supposed to be pretty good too.