getting rid of windows console?

Hi! i was wondering if there is any way in which i could get rid of the windows console page and only see my opengl page… or maybe get rid of the windows borders on my opengl page…

Thanks :slight_smile:

It depends on how you compile your project, typically in the build options you can choose to build a win console project or pure win. To have more precise details, describe what tool(s) and settings you are using right now.

well im using visual studio 2010 and im also using a class called imageloader anf glut’s libraries… does that help?

and also one more question… is it possible to not call createwindow in opengl? and just have the program show something on the screen without opening a window? because i have made a small news reel and now we need to take it into c# and my colleagues say if its possible to get rid of the window this could be done very simply… thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Should be something like choose “Windows application” instead of “Console application” in the project creation wizard.

You can not draw anything without a window. What do you really want to do ?

basically we have this electronic bulletin board which was created in c#. the problem with it was that it lagged alot and wasnt very fast. so we decided to go to opengl as it is a low level language. now i have written the opengl code for the news reel at the bottom but now we have a task of integrating the 2 together… i was lookin at framework as a solution… do you have any info on what i should do exactly? and what are the diffrences between framework and opengl? thanks again :slight_smile:

Tao framework is a wrapper to simplify the use of OpenGL (and others) from inside C# code. Sound like a good idea to use it in your case.

GLUT is a simplified framework for window management (and a few other things); it has relatively limited capabilities and your requirements probably go outside of them.

You can get a window without a title bar or borders by specifying the appropriate flags for your CreateWindow call. Look at the documentation for CreateWindow on MSDN.

It’s entirely possible that none of this will address your problem. The lag in your bulletin board may come from a multitude of sources: network latency, database performance, etc. OpenGL will only be useful if updating the display is your bottleneck, which - for a bulletin board - I highly doubt.

thanks alot for all your help, im using TAO and its working perfectly :slight_smile: