Getting graphics information


I’ve made an openGL game and before running it I want to check what graphics power the system playing it has, then I can set some variables etc that will set the detail to an appropriate level.

The type of data I’m after is numerical data such as graphics memory, core speed, memory etc. Not something like the name of the card. I need something that I can compare to give a rough estimate of the graphics power the computer has. It could even be a short benchmark that returns the speed/time taken to execute - anything that I can use to gauge performance (just a very rough idea of performance is fine).

How can I get such graphics information? I’m using C, OpenGL, GLUT and Windows XP btw.

Thanks for any help.

Measure the time it takes to render the scene in seconds.
Then do 1/time and that give you the FPS. It should be between above 60FPS or whatever you prefer.

graphics memory : this has been discussed before.

core speed : useless information