Getting gDEBugger to work

Dear all,

I’m working on a new project that involves large sections of code I didnt write. This code has a sample application that I’m trying to get familar with, and so I decided it’d be a good idea to run it with gDEBugger. However I’m having real problems getting my application to load with the debugger. It starts up, and then crashes with a second chance exception. Now I know there are bugs in the code(thats why I’m trying to debug it right?), but it starts and runs fine with the MS debugger. It also runs fine if I just go to the directory the program is in and double click on it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to start fixing this? The output from the debugger really isnt that helpful.(it just lists the second chance exception that I mentioned).

I’m sure the gDEBugger guys will respond soon as they read this forum, but in the mean-time, have you tried GLIntercept?

Try it first with the Full debug profile and see if you get the same crash.

… what?!.. me biased…never!

Hi Jesse,

In order to try and locate the problem can you please check if you encounter the same behavior when debugging the gDEBugger Teapot example?

After doing this can you please also send us the gDEBugger’s debug log files (as described below)?

  1. Run gDEBugger.
  2. Tools -> Options -> Advanced Tab.
  3. Change the “Debug log level” to “Debug”
  4. Run your application in gDEBugger.

After gDEBugger run ends, look for the debug log files: gDEBugger.log and gDEBuggerOGL.log. These files should reside in your user’s Temp directory (Usually C:\Documents and Settings[user name]\Local Settings\Temp).

Please send the log files to sample (at)

The gDEBugger team