get depth buffer dimension

I neet to get the depth buffer dimension, because on ati card(with an option on) the depth buffer is bigger than the viewport. I try with glGetIntegerv but there’s no correct parameter to have the x and y dimenson of the buffer…

help please!

the option is the smoothvision, that make the depth buffer be 2x 3x 4x…i need to set this option off

I’m sorry, but do you need to get the depth buffer dimensions, or do you need to disable ATI smoothvision?

The former is (for all intents and purposes in the OpenGL API, at least AFAIK) the same as the dimensions of the render target. Note that this may not be the same dimensions as your viewport, as the viewport can limit rendering to a much smaller (including off-buffer) area.

The latter is an ATI-specific extension that I don’t know how to disable. See ARB or ATI OpenGL extensions registry.