GeoTIFF with X, No Window Manager

Hi -

I would like to display a GeoTIFF image (a TIFF image with embedded georeference data) in my application using X without a window manager.  The application runs on Solaris for SPARC.
  1. How best can I display a .tif file running X without a window manager?

  2. Can a .tif image be zoomed, off-centered, or rotated using X calls? Could a GNU product like xzgv be co-opted to support these functions?

  3. Is there any example softare for locating physical locations (GEOREF, lat/long positions) within a GeoTIFF image?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

  • atcview

And the connection to OpenGL is … ?

Try using a library like GDAL for loading the image.

You should be able to read the lat long from the in memory data structures created by GDAL.

Now, if you ask how to DRAW this stuff once it is loaded you’ll be on topic, just don’t assume GDAL knowledge, I’ve used it but most OpenGL programmers haven’t. Describe your data when you ask the rendering question for best results (after you learn what data GDAL produces for you).

I’m closing this off topic thread.

P.S. you’ll at least need GLX extension support on your X server to reach the point of encountering OpenGL development questions, it’d be best to defer any inquiries until you’re at this stage, it’d still be off topic. There is an OpenGL on linux forum in addition to installation user issues forum if you have problems getting GLX going.

Good Luck!