Geometry shaders extension


I’m just searching for a theme of my diploma thesis. And there’s a great opportunity to do some new stuff with the next generation of graphic cards comming this winter. I’ve seen the NVIDIA’s stuff presented at the GDC (talks about DX10) and the geometry shaders impressed me much. But, I’m not willing to work under DX (I really don’t like it).

So my question is: Is there already a document describing the extensions for the usage of the new features in OpenGL. And even a more importatnt question: When are the extensions supposed to be available?

According ARB usual behavious, no and not soon.

First extension available will be nVidia and maybe ATI ones when their cards will be released. For and ARB extension don’t espect anythink before 1 year.

Maybe that is going to change because of OpenGL new owner, Khronos.