Geometry Instancing


Is it posible to do geoemtry instancing, rendering multiple objects each with diffrent trans/vertex shader, using the same vertex data?

It’s possible under D3D recent update, but I don’t know how.

If not possible uner OpenGL 2.0 now, is it possible to be available in future versions?

I really need your help experts. Is it exclusive to D3D?

1: You only waited 2 hours.

2: This is a cross-post from the OpenGL 2x suggestion forum.

3: You clearly don’t need the information all that much, because a quick search for “Instancing D3D” would turn up any number of threads discussing the subject. Discussions that would have answered your questions.

First if you don’t know the answer then don’t post usless replies.

Second, I’m not interested to know about D3D I’m here because I appreciate OGL to support such feature.

badgering contributors for answers is not considered good form. searching the board before posting your question is a common courtesy to others, so frequently visited topics aren’t duplicated ad nauseam.

in summary,
cross-posting and no searching ==> :rolleyes: :frowning:
no cross-posting and searching ==> :cool: :slight_smile: .

Now take that advice and search the forum for it. There has been a lengthy discussion about this topic just few months ago and you will find all the answers in there.

OpenGL doesn’t have the function call overhead D3D does so you can achieve the same speed without a specific instancing extension.

Take a look at the nvidia whitepaper on pseudo instancing

Although the example uses GLSL, you can do the same thing with ARB_vertex_program.