geomapping vs roam

is there any difference between geomapping and roam? i’ve seen screenshots of geomapping and it doesn’t look that different than roam. what’s the difference? which is better to use?

Is there a particular reason why you haven’t searched for information on both techniques, thus allowing you to make an educated decision independently?

They’re quite different. . . Do some research and you’ll see that quite clearly. ROAM kinda requires a bit more work on the coding side of things, though. . .

I actually HAVE done research and have written a roam terrain engine. But i’ve run into a problem because i want to have different textures blend at different points on the terrain. But with Roam it would not look uniform because you could have a big triangle next to a little triangle, and therefore the transition from, let’s say rock to grass, wouldn’t look right.

I’ve tried looking up info on geomapping but with no luck. I’ve only seen screenshots.

I’ve implemented geomipmapping using this paper

AFAIK, it’s the only paper describing the technique. I found it at

You did not find any link because the real name is GeoMIPmapping.

try this paper.

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thanks a lot guys.