general question about a pic

](Самое популярное порно видео смотреть бесплатно онлайн)[/IMG]

How do they do this like the foundations of computer graphics needed to make the image and also elaborate on the nuances.


That is from the movie Ratatouille. The company that created it is Pixar. I’m sure that you have heard of them. They are partnered with Disney and have created hit after hit starting with Toy Story. They have their own renderer called REYES and it is designed to run on a server farm. All the code use to run on the CPU but from what I heard last time, they were making changes to use some of the GPU power as well since GPUs have a lot of processing power.

Do some online searches.
For example, I found this page

And I guess I should mention this : They don’t use OpenGL in their REYES renderer.