Genaric collision detection & responce?

[not really a GL question, but hey…]
ive tried spheres and AABB for a while know,
but i really need something more accurate…
The tri-tri code that ive found online works just fine, but how do you go about collision ‘responce’ of an arbitray set of tris?
( all of the examples ive found simply return a bool value ) :stuck_out_tongue:

The doesn’t have anything to do with OpenGL. A better place to ask such a question would be:

I am sure they have this sort of information on their sites. If not, they have forums where this would actually be on-topic.

Then again, you would already know that if you had done a more careful search on the internet (google, etc.). I find it hard to believe that such a search would be so fruitless as for you to ask here.


Read this book . It’s good.

This book is great too.…5005979-0214355