geforce3 rules - screenshots

per pixel brdf for local lights @ 230 fps

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bah that’s not even proper 1337 speak d0od and don’t forget the ‘e’ oops no i mean ‘3’ in volume… and you could have used a more constructive v sorta like ‘/’ or somethink… and come on… the @ symbol represents at not ‘a’…

the morale to this post is, if yo don’t have anything nice to say… goto and flame there (hmm does that site exist, lol)

not that im a leet linguist or anything

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Yes, it’s amazing what the geforce3 is capable of, isn’t it?
We really are entering an enlightened age in realtime 3d. Vertex Programs, Texture Shaders and Register Combiners are unbelievably useful! (especially vertex programs).
I find per-pixel cubemap reflection bumpmapping stunning!

It does look nice, and i am learning register combiners now… should (hopefully) be easy once i get past all the theory

Hey this looks good.

How much does it cost that teapot ??? Mine has the wistle broken!


Originally posted by McBain:

per pixel brdf for local lights @ 230 fps

Totally OT: WOW! A Pandora/Telenet OpenGL mate

Yeah, the GF3 rocks. As does the Xbox, especially for a $300 price point.

Is it just me, or does the GF4 seem like it “mostly” speeds things up while keeping the GF3 feature set at an API level? Will we have to wait until August until we see a new leap forward like vertex programs? :slight_smile:

Did you know that Leets are the level-1 cannon fodder in Anarchy Online? Cracked me up when I first saw that :slight_smile:

Talking about the GF4…

I was reading an article about the GF4 and noticed the following text:

“The new 4XS antialiasing mode, which operates only under Direct 3D”

I surely hope this isn’t true…

Originally posted by GPSnoopy:
Totally OT: WOW! A Pandora/Telenet OpenGL mate

Hey, I’m not the only Belgian on this board?!

To get back on topic, I’ve had my GF3 for about 7 or 8 months now, and I’m still frequently amazed by what it can do. My only complaint is that I can’t make my 3D engine require one, because then nobody would be able to run the damn thing. How I wish I could just code freeware games on the Xbox in my spare time…

– Tom

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Originally posted by Tom Nuydens:
How I wish I could just code freeware games on the Xbox in my spare time…

Well, just for a change, I’d like to code freeware games on my PS2 !



I’m in the privileged position of being able to program directly for the geforce3, because the sim we’re writing will be shipped with a geforce3 equipped dual 1.8ghz P4 machine…I’ve got most of the per-vertex maths running in vertex programs now, so the dual 1.8’s are looking increasingly redundant - only getting a 15% CPU load at the moment, and that’s with a water simulation running on the CPU too

I want to show a few GeForce screenshots of BRDF + bumpmaping I was working 2 months ago.


yeah. the geforce3 is great. but so is the geforce4 and the radeon8500.
now and first time online. i present:
yeah. even the geforce2(and so the geforce1) can do very nice perpixel stuff, not brdf but very neat phong or blinn. so here we go:
btw it does use VAR but not very good. its all dynamically updated data but not streamed and splitted up for rendering one part and updating the other part…
and sure its not 230fps (not for me )

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Xbox’s are gr8, there so bulky u can use them to keep doors open and for supporting cars whilst changing wheels, what is the point? its just gonna be like everything else microsoft does (and ive had confirmation), crash every five minuets NOT what it wanted from a console and why buy an Xbox when u can get a PC which u can use for work as well, and hacking, developement etc etc!
I wouldnt mind if windows wasnt so buggy, i may of even of bought an XBox (instead of watching my friends crash)!

Mr Smith, just a note there: the price of a PC that can perform as well as an X-Box is quite hefty…

That being said, I think everybody knows that the power of a console has nothing to do with its hardware. It has to do with its games ! As long as the MS console hasn’t got decent games, it offers no interest to me…

Last thing, I am surprised that the console crashes. OK, it’s Microsoft but you’d expect they’d have polished the product (didn’t hear about crashes anywhere else, BTW…).



XBox has a 700MHs Intel P3 (maybe celeron) and a slow disk. The graphics is the most impressive part, (Somewhere between a GF3 and GF4), so I think it depends on what you measure.