GeForce3, geometry corruption

I’m getting corrupted geometry - vertices moving to the origin of object-space, as if they were specified as (0,0,0) and with the modelview matrix still working correctly.

It does it randomly in my programs and gears exhibits the same behaviour (I can post a screenshot if people want).

I have the 1.0-1251 nv drivers and kernel 2.4.3, all compiled to match each other, etc. No crashes, warnings, errors, etc; everything else works fine, very fast, just this one corruption bug. I haven’t seen it occur in windows.

Anyone else seen this?

Hi !

I have no problems at all, same drivers (1251) and RedHat 7.1, but I am using an old TNT2 card.

Are the changed vertices random or is it the same every time ?

Are you sending lots of triangles down the rendering pipeline or does it happen with a small number of triangles to ?


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