GeForce3-Driver Bug ? since 4072 when Clipping and Tesselation

I have problems since driver version 4072 when tesselated polygons are rendered and clipping planes are defined (also without clipping the polygon itself).

Most polygons are ok, but some have bad vertex coordinates after tesselation.
In some cases the NVidias OpenGL dll runs in infinite loops or its crashing!

No problems observed with same code in former driver editions.

Now I’m checking my code, especially because of not all polygons damaged…
Does somebody else observe similar problems? Any suggestions or workarounds are highly welcome.


Additional note:

Also lighting on/off influences the tesselation results for some polygons!

With lighting ON everything is OK.
Without lighting the mentioned bugs occure.


If you are talking about the GLU tesselator, then yes it produces null polygons.

I filter out those polygons because of issues with computing normal vectors.

Submit a demo to nvidia showing the problem.

Thanks, V-man,

I extracted the bug in a small sample application, sended to NVidia. Hope they will handle the bug.

There was no answer/reaction from NVidia when we sent a bug report some month ago.

Interested people can have a look at the sample application with source code.


I don’t recall seeing this bug report, but I’m kind of hit or miss. If you pass the info to me, I’ll see what I can do about it. Just drop me an email.