GeForce3 Buffer Region problems

I have problems with Buffer Region-
after resising window, application crashes.
Everything works fine before resizing- it saves and restores color buffer and depth buffer. But when I change window size, it works poorly, or even crashes.

Does anybody know a solution for this problem?
Right now my workaround is making window maximized at start (but still it could crash)- or using glReadPixels/glWritePixels.

Thanks for any ideas.

Looks like you and me are in the same boat today, nobody wants to help us! ;D But thats ok, I hardly know what you are talking about here but when I resize to a fullscreen from windowed I have to reload everything or it doesn’t show up (textures, display lists, etc…) Something about losing buffers but I’m not sure. Try it, seems to work fine for me…

Can you post or send me an app that reproduces the problem? Hopefully with source?

whole application is huge, so I’ll try to make another one, with the same problem :slight_smile:
but I’ll do it tomorrow.