GeForce Texturing Win9x vs WinNT4

I am working on an exo-atmospheric simulation that uses a great deal of texture mapping for space craft. I have a Win98/SE2 box at home with a GeForce2 board. At home, the simulation is absolutely beautiful. Now, at work, I have a WinNT4 box with a GeForce2 board. When I run the sim at work on WinNT4 the texture maps are hosed. I can see through some of the textures at their junction with other textures. Other textures are missing pieces around their perimeters. I have already done the following:

*) Installed the latest NVidia drivers.
*) Reset the GeForce tweaks in the control panel to the manufacturer’s defaults.
*) Monkeyed around with disabling GL_CULL_FACE with some but limited success.
*) Insured that none of my textures have an alpha channel.

Any ideas here?


I haven’t a clue. I read your question, but didn’t post any answer. Try posting it on the advanced board. I’m sure someone <cough> mcraighead <cough> could provide some direction.



Thanks, will do.