GeForce GTX Titan VS GeForce GTX 780, ambiguous performances


I have compared the performances of a GTX Titan and GTX 780 using the same machine under win7 64bits with 320.49. According to the specifications of each graphic card (cuda cores: 2688 (Titan) / 2304 (780)), we can make the assumption that the Titan is faster than the 780.

However, I have made common benchmark tests (FurMark, TessMark, 3DMark, …) and, except for tesselation, the GTX 780 is better in all tests. In the same way, with a lot of other 3D apps (e.g. ABuffer [1]), the GTX 780 is faster with a factor range between x2 and x10.

I have tried different driver versions and the results on test [1] changes from 60fps (320.49) to less than 10fps (327.23). Note that the same test with the GTX 780 runs at 120fps (320.49).

So, first, I’d like to know if I am wrong when I think that GTX Titan is faster than GTX 780 for rendering operations ? (Of course, for computing it may be not the same).

Is there a problem with the WHQL drivers since the more recent one seems to be less efficient than the previous one ?

Thanks for your help,

[1] opengl-40-abuffer

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